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August 26

Can You Trust a Used Car Dealership? (The Secrets Are Inside...)


I'll be completely honest with you. 

Before I entered the car industry, I was wary of used car salespeople. There is a strong perception about a salesperson that we all seem to have (and don't...

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By:Mike Lowton| Posted on 26 Aug 2016
August 19

Favourite Weekend Getaways from Edmonton That You Need to Consider Now!


It's Wednesday. The week is dragging on and it feels like the weekend was ages ago. You've been in a slump for the last few months (perhaps it's the weather, or maybe work is creating more stress...

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By:Mike Lowton| Posted on 19 Aug 2016
August 10

What To Do When You Can't Afford Car Payments Any Longer...


Things happen - and if anyone understands the complexities of life, it's us here at Southside Mitsubishi. Whether you have an upcoming wedding that you've been saving for, an unexpected bundle of...

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By:Mike Lowton| Posted on 10 Aug 2016
July 23

Top 5 Best Edmonton Driving Schools


Picture this for a moment.

Close your eyes (then come back to read this blog post). 

Do you remember the day you passed your Learner's Licence? Do you recall just how excited you were to jump into...

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By:Mike Lowton| Posted on 23 Jul 2016
July 12

5 Things You Need to Know Before Taking a Test Drive


I love nothing more than having a customer call me, saying they're interested in taking a test drive of the newest vehicle on my lot. Sometimes they're interested in a trade-in of their current...

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By:Mike Lowton| Posted on 12 Jul 2016